The M/S Jacques-Cartier will be overhauled from stem to stern to become a 68-passenger vessel ideal for discovering islands, shores and coastlines in a distinctive manner.

M/S Jacques-Cartier

Length 55 m. (180 ft.)
Width 12.8 m. (42 ft.)
Draught 3 m. (9.8 ft.)
Cruising speed 10 knots
Capacity 68 passengers

The M/S Jacques-Cartier has 6 categories of cabins.

Healthy, high-quality cuisine

The M/S Jacques-Cartier dining room will be able to accommodate all passengers at the same time. We will offer different formulas during your stay depending on the day’s itinerary and activities.

Our chef will spotlight regional products and a healthy, high-quality cuisine.

Self-nurturing and self-nourishing

Take advantage of your stay on board to regain your vitality. Life on the water encourages dreaming and discovery…and offers opportunities for relaxing and taking care of yourself.

The ship offer areas for relaxing, contemplation, a massage room, sauna and three hot tubs on the decks.

The Harvey family

Members of the Harvey family have been ship owners and captains for four generations. The St. Lawrence runs in our veins. We are very proud of our vessel and look forward to welcoming you aboard…the watchword being simplicity. Our friendly team will do its utmost to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, upholding the reputation we Quebeckers have for warmth and hospitality.

English-language support: The main language on board will be French and, while the cruises are not bilingual, we will offer our English-speaking customers the services required to ensure that their experience with us is most enriching.

An active, innovative approach

An active, innovative approach offering dynamic activities combining hiking, wildlife and plant life observation, visits to historic sites and communities and excursions in zodiacs or kayaks. Passengers will launch off the ship to explore St. Lawrence islands and shorelines accompanied by experienced guides to enjoy unique adventures.

The Croisières M/S Jacques-Cartier team’s priority is to offer our customers enriching experiences in inspiring venues. To do so, we intend to work closely with the government organizations associated with the sites visited, local communities and community members who will share their history and tales of adventure. We will also bring in specialists from a range of different fields (ethnologists, historians, archeologists, marine biologists, anthropologists, ornithologists, writers, painters, etc.), who will share their knowledge and know-how with our visitors.


The M/S Jacques-Cartier complies with high Transport Canada and classification society safety standards.

Every cabin has a life preserver for each occupant (adults and children, if applicable). A demonstration on how to put on the life jacket and instructions as to safety on board will be given to passengers at the beginning of the cruise.

Medical care: Sickbay and first aid material. First line care will be given by qualified personnel, trained in first aid at sea.

Weather conditions may require itineraries to be changed and/or certain excursions on land to be cancelled. Passenger safety is our top priority. Alternatives will be offered on board ship.