Lighthouse Hopping

from $2,950.00 / Double occ.

Leaves from Québec City
Duration: 8 days

If you love landscapes, architecture, history and outdoor activities, this voyage is for you since it combines discovery, cultural activities and the possibility to move at your own speed. Lighthouses are best understood when seen from the water. Built as of 1809 to warn mariners of dangers in the St. Lawrence, they draw land-lovers’ attention to the water’s presence. However, many are inaccessible or invisible from roads and highways. Join us on an extraordinary journey and discover sites of great beauty that represented enormous challenges for the men and women who lived in daily isolation within these sentinels of the sea. Today, a new generation is trying to revitalize these heritage buildings...and we will meet some of these new keepers. Our itinerary will also take you us to sectors of historic, natural and cultural importance for navigation in Québec. This territory has been an important page in the history of Québec’s economic development, since the very beginnings of the colony and the first meetings between Westerners and Native peoples. Throughout our trip, we will enjoy presentations by specialists—ethnologists, historians, archeologists, marine biologists, anthropologists, ornithologists, writers, painters—who will regale us with their knowledge on board the ship and on land.

  1. Day 1 Québec City

    The cradle of New France and a UNESCO World Heritage Site…the name “Québec” is from the Algonquian, meaning “where the river narrows”. Discover the Old City, its fortifications, museums and countless cultural activities. Take this opportunity to visit the Huron-Wendat village.

    Location: Port of Québec
    Boarding time: 2:00 p.m.
    Departure time: 4:00 p.m.
    Evening sail to the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago.

  2. Day 2 South Shore

    Explore the South Shore’s islands and inlets. Discover the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago and the isles of Kamouraska and Les Pèlerins. Weather permitting, take a zodiac onto Île du Pilier-de-Pierre. Historical interpretation of a lighthouse built in 1843. Experience the lighthouse keeper’s isolation on this islet firsthand and tour the premises with the new keepers. Sail to Île-Verte and discover Brandy Pot lighthouse on the way. This sector is part of the Îles de l’Estuaire National Wildlife Area. An invitation to explore the St. Lawrence and discover the beauty of its islands.

  3. Day 3 Île Verte

    The island’s breathtaking landscape, magnificent lighthouse, steady wind and warm, passionate inhabitants are certain to enchant you. Continental influences meet the sea at Île Verte which, for more than four centuries, has played a key role as a gateway for navigators. Enjoy its roads, trails, interpretation of its marshes, its skeleton museum and, of course, its impressive lighthouse, the oldest in Québec (1809).

  4. Day 4 Île-aux-Basques / Escoumins

    A day of archeology and marine environment interpretation. Sail to Les Escoumins via
    Île-aux-Basques. This National Historic Site is a protected area managed by Société Léon-Provancher. The island was one of the first places Europeans came into contact with Amerindians in Canada. Sail right into the Escoumins river pilot switching zone. Marine environment interpretation and interactive discovery experiences: the St. Lawrence hands-on and possibility of free diving. The key role lighthouses played becomes clear when seen from the water. Admire the lighthouses of Cap-Bon-Désir and Île-Rouge and the Pointe-Noire leading lights. Speak with experts about lightship services on the St. Lawrence.

  5. Day 5 Tadoussac

    Anchored in one of the world’s loveliest bays, take the day to explore Tadoussac. Visit the different marine mammal interpretation centres accompanied by biologists and specialists. Discover Tadoussac’s dunes and experience bird watching at its best…this is the top-ranked site in Québec for observing migrating raptors. On board the ship, sail up the Saguenay River in late afternoon while enjoying a delicious meal.

  6. Day 6 Saguenay

    Discover Baie Éternité, a grandiose location where the colossal forces of nature created a fjord. Hike the trails (including the one leading to the statue), enjoy an incredible kayaking experience (if you’re feeling adventurous), climb the rock walls of the Via Ferrata. At mid-day, return to Tadoussac while admiring the fjord again. Dare to observe black bears in their natural surroundings at sunset.

  7. Day 7 Charlevoix

    Sail from Tadoussac to Québec City discovering little-known locations that can often be seen only from the water, such as the Cap de la tête au chien, Cap-au-Saumon and Pointe-de-la-Prairie (Cap-à-la-branche) lighthouses and the Banc-Brûlé leading lights used to guide ships to safety. Discover these unusual structures built relatively recently. Navigate the Port-au-Saumon sector, with its significant geological formations.

  8. Day 8 Québec City

    Arrive in Québec City in the morning. Use the day to discover or rediscover the city.

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Available dates

June 9, 2019 to June 16, 2019 Full Click here to be on the waiting list

Category 1
Double bunking

$2,950.00 / Adult
* Double occupancy

Category 2
Side by side

$3,335.00 / Adult
* Double occupancy

Category 3
Bridge deck

$3,725.00 / Adult
* Double occupancy

Category 4

$4,125.00 / Adult
* Double occupancy

Category 5
VIP stateroom

$4,400.00 / Adult
* Double occupancy

Category 6
Owner’s stateroom

$4,650.00 / Adult
* Double occupancy
  1. Does the ship have an elevator?

    Yes, but access is limited.

  1. Can I smoke on board ship?

    No, smoking is prohibited on board ship.

    A fine of $200.00 or more will apply for failure to follow this rule, which covers the entire ship and the cabins. The fine applies to electronic cigarettes as well.

  1. Who are our hosts on board ship?

    The Harvey family and the ship’s crew are pleased to host your stay on board ship. Enjoy a taste of warm, authentic French-Québec culture.

  1. What is the meal plan?

    The three daily meals are included in the cruise price. Healthy snacks will also be available during the day free of charge.

  1. What time are the meals?

    Mealtime varies depending on the itinerary and a particular day’s schedule.

  1. Do you prepare meals for people with food allergies or food-related restrictions?

    Yes. Please advise us of any special food-related requirements when making your reservation. We would be happy to offer a menu adapted to your needs.

  1. Are beverages included in the price?

    Unlimited coffee, herbal tea, tea, water and juice will be available at all times.

    You are entitled to one free beverage at the welcome cocktail and at the Captain’s Supper.

    An interesting variety of reasonably-priced beers and liquor and a wine list, with a good selection of local products, will be available.

  1. Does the ship have a library?

    Books on the regions visited will be available in the observation room, located on the upper deck. Passengers can go there for various training activities or simply to look out and rest.

  1. Can we have twin beds?

    Yes, some cabins are fitted with twin single beds.

  1. Does the ship have a spa and fitness centre?

    Yes, we have 2 outside hot tubs, 1 inside hot tub and a gym.

  1. Which activities are included in my cruise?

    Kayak outings, some Zodiac excursions and one 30-minute massage.

    All excursions offered are optional and some involve paying a supplement. Excursions can also be purchased (at the initial price) on board ship.

  1. Will there be evening entertainment?

    Some evening activities will be scheduled, in keeping with our themes and itineraries.

  1. Is there a dress code on board ship?

    We suggest sports attire and business casual dress for this cruise. Make sure to have good walking shoes, warm clothing and something a little dressier for the Captain’s Supper. For the "Lighthouse Hopping" itinerary, we suggest you bring rain boots and rain gear.

  1. Do we need to tip guides and crew members?

    Tips for guides and crew members are at the passengers’ discretion.

  1. Is there Internet access on board ship?

    Yes, the basic Wi-Fi package is included. Other packages are available on board for those wishing to access more services.

  1. What is the electric voltage on board ship?

    60 Hertz, 120 V

  1. What currency is used on board ship?

    Payment can be made by credit card or in Canadian dollars only. We do not offer a currency exchange service.

  1. Will there be a nurse on board ship?

    We will have the necessary first aid equipment on board for minor accidents or injuries. A supplement may apply for pre-existing and other medical conditions treated on board ship. Land-based medical consultations, care and medication are payable by the traveller. All travellers must ensure that they have the proper medical insurance coverage. In the unlikely case of a medical evacuation, the traveller will also be responsible for paying the associated costs.

  1. What are the instructions for boarding and leaving the ship?

    The ship will be ready for boarding 2 hours before departure time. Passengers will not be allowed to board before that because we will be preparing the ship for the next voyage. Customers must board at least 1 hour before departure time. When leaving the ship, passengers must plan to vacate their cabins shortly after breakfast time ... no later than 12:00 noon.

  1. How many pieces of luggage can we have in our cabin?

    Maximum per person: one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage.

  1. What are the distances between airport and the ports where boarding occurs?

    Montréal Cruise Terminal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montréal: 25 km

    Québec City Cruise Terminal – Québec City Jean-Lesage International Airport: 15 km

    Québec City Cruise Terminal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montréal: 270 km

    Toronto Cruise Ship Terminal – Toronto Pearson International Airport: 30 km

    Toronto Cruise Ship Terminal - Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport: 6 km


Cruise prices include:

  • Onboard accommodation in the category of cabin chosen
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and supper)
  • Ship-launched activities (e.g. kayaks)
  • Ship-launched zodiac excursions
  • One free, 30-minute massage during the cruise
  • One free beverage at the welcome cocktail and at the Captain’s Supper
  • Morning and afternoon snacks
  • Unlimited coffee, herbal tea, tea, water and juice (Croisières MSJC water bottle)
  • Wi-Fi, basic package included, supplement for additional use


Cruise prices do not include:

  • Taxes
  • Port fees
  • Transfers and flights
  • Optional excursions
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for guides and crew members (at passenger’s discretion)


$800 deposit per person


Other deposits:

  • 120 days prior to departure = 50% of total amount
  • 60 days prior to departure = 100% of total amount



  • 121 days or more prior to departure = $100 administration fee per person
  • 120-91 days prior to departure = 25% of total amount per person
  • 90-61 days prior to departure = 50% of total amount per person
  • 60-31 days prior to departure = 75% of total amount per person
  • 30 days prior to departure = 100% non-refundable



The ship cannot wait for passengers who are late for boarding or during stopovers. Passengers who are late will have to pay their own transportation costs to the next stopover. If the delay is due to an activity or excursion organized by the ship, it will wait for passengers to board.



Itineraries and stopovers may be changed, notably due to weather conditions. Only the Captain can make these decisions. Programs may be modified to accommodate local cultural events or technical requirements.


1. All amounts can be paid by credit card, PayPal, electronic funds transfer or cheque payable to Croisières M/S Jacques-Cartier.

2. All amounts are payable in Canadian dollars ($CAD).

3. A $50 fee per file is payable for any change to your reservation.

4. A $100 fee per person is payable for any change in date in an individual reservation made less than 60 days prior to departure. The change can be made only if the ship has room to accommodate you.

5. Passengers with a reservation must arrive 2 hours prior to departure time.

6. During the voyage, passengers must follow the rules on board ship. Passengers must attend all safety demonstrations and explanations organized on board and follow the crew’s orders at all times.

7. The Captain may refuse a passenger or require a passenger to leave without a refund to ensure the ship’s safety and the safety of the other passengers.

8. Certain articles and/or substances are not permitted on board the ship. For example, passengers are not authorized to carry the following: firearms or any other device that discharges projectiles, devices specially designed to stun or paralyze, pointed objects or objects with a cutting edge, work tools that can be used to cause injury, blunt instruments or any other explosive or substance or incendiary device.

9. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Children must be fully autonomous during organized outside activities and zodiac excursions, be big enough to be able to sit on rafts and small craft, understand and immediately follow the orders given by those in charge. Children’s participation in zodiac activities is subject to the authorization of the Captain and expedition leader based sea conditions and difficulties disembarking at each site visited. Due to the nature of our cruise and travel itineraries, we do not have facilities or services for children on board ship or during the voyage. For cruises, minors under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult and must share a cabin with at least two adults (parents, legal guardian or any other responsible adult aged 21 or over). We reserve the right to limit the number of minors under age 18 on board ship and on land-based excursions reserved by us or our intermediaries.

10. Our tours and excursions are not adapted for persons with reduced mobility. Anyone with restrictions as to activities or participation in the services agreed on must remain on board the ship if disembarking onto land is difficult or impossible for passengers with reduced mobility, particularly disembarking for and/or excursions in zodiacs. Nevertheless, every disembarkation is subject to the Captain’s authorization. Travellers guarantee that they are apt for travel at sea and that their health status and behaviour will not disturb the other travellers or prevent the services agreed on and/or proposed from running smoothly. Should a traveller’s health status limit his or her ability to participate in the services agreed on or prevent them from running smoothly, the traveller must advise the authorities and, on request, provide a medical certificate attesting to his or her ability to participate. Any known health problem or condition must be declared in writing when the contract is concluded or at the latest prior to the ship’s departure.

11. Pre- and post-cruise services are not included in cruise prices. Such services include transfers, visits and services on land before and/or after the cruise, as indicated in the contract.

12. Passports: Passengers of Canadian nationality require no passport for the majority of itineraries. However, for the Québec City – Toronto route, a passport is required for the Thousands Islands leg. For passengers of foreign nationalities, a passport that is valid 6 months after the return date, as well as visas and proof of vaccination are likely to be required in ports of call.

13. Land-based medical consultations, care and medication are payable by the traveller. All travellers must ensure that they have the proper medical insurance coverage. In the unlikely case of a medical evacuation, the traveller will be responsible for paying the associated costs. Higher rates may apply for bringing medical material on board ship.

14. Animals, including service animals, are prohibited on board ship.

15. Smoking is prohibited everywhere on the ship ($200 fine in case this rule is broken in the cabins). This fine also applies to electronic cigarettes.

16. The laws of Québec and Canada apply to this contract.

17. In case of a dispute, Québec courts of the Trois-Rivières judicial district are the only ones with jurisdiction to rule on it.